Distributed Volunteer Computing for scientific Simulations

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We plans to build a BOINC driven server as an umbrella platform on which different projects will operate and develop a Android driven job clients for it.

The BOINC distributed computing platform enables users to divide their unused computing power between 1 or more projects. The scientific application runs then in the background or as a screen-saver on different platforms provided from volunteer users utilising processor time that would otherwise be idle on their computers, smart phones etc. It allows anybody to contribute to scientific development in different area. Each project independently using the volunteer resources for a specific data analysis application.

Working plan

• Exploiting and installing of BOINC driven volunteer computing server
• Implementing a methodology for bookkeeping of up to ten thousands of parallel running simulations
• Optimizing distribution and parallel simulation for higher scalability
• Adapting the scientific code for simulations of cosmic rays – CORSIKA onto distributed computing infrastructure
• Advancing parallel job distribution mechanism for parallel runs of CORSIKA onto volunteer computing BOINC driven infrastructures


Personal qualifications:

- Programming in C/C++ and basics in JAVA, Especially experience in programming ANDROID apps would be useful
- Basic knowledge in Algorithmic, Scheduling 

Responsible mentor

For more details contact Dr. Gevorg Poghosyan, +49-721-608-25604, via Email poghosyan@kit.edu

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